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Echoes of Love at the Yunus Emre Institute

Thursday evening, February 15th – the night after St. Valentine’s Day, witnessed The YunusEmre Institute (London), successfully starting its Meet the Author talks with “echoes of Love” – an intercultural arts event moderated by Rev. Dr. David Parry.

Indeed, this initial seminar in a series of six sessions designed to examine the current trends of Global Text, gathered three prominent British poets: Nigel Humphreys, Jonathan Wood and Michael Dante, in order to explore the more sanguine aftertaste of lost romance.

Certainly, critics commentated that the slightly bittersweet flavour exuding from three masters of their craft simply proved too alluring a treat to miss.

Either way, a packed house witnessed each poet examine the tense delights of emotional commitment, accompanied by readings from their personal collections of verse. Further animated, possibly, by a thought-provoking Q&A exchange towards the end. All in all, a fascinatingly rich feast of reflections boding extremely well for future seminars.

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7 Day Literary and Art Week concluded amidst dreams and hopes

LONDON(Raza Syed/Sohail Loun):The second 7 Day Literary and Art Week 2018, which brought together writers, poets, intellectuals and experts from  all over the world and various walks of life, concluded on 7th Oct 2018(Sunday )with a musical night of dazzling performances in London.

The festival was launched a Fitzroy House where guests and participants from throughout the UK and abroad were warmly welcomed at a ceremony hosted by Sarah Eicker and Anna Lari.

The second Literary and Art Week organised by the Eurasian Creative Guild  was a celebration of new fiction, nonfiction and poetry as well as painting, drawing and sculpture by contemporary Eurasian writers and artists.

Comprising a dynamic and varied programme of 25 events, it showcased work by both established and emerging writers, poets and artists  many of whom were visiting or being represented in the UK for the first time, through readings, discussions and networking, as well as exhibitions interspersed with outstanding performances by renowned musicians.

Guests were then invited to the 5th Base Gallery in Whitechapel for the opening of ‘Living and Dreaming’; an exhibition of contemporary Belarusian art organised by Belarus’ Belbrand Association and the Art Haos Gallery in collaboration with Pro Art & Co.

This was the first time that selected artists had displayed their work outside Belarus and offered audiences a rare opportunity to witness how contemporary art is evolving in the post USSR era. Influences of the country’s grand-masters Mark Chagall and Leon Bakst could clearly be discerned, alongside subjects drawn from traditional folklore but there were also international references including Chinese scroll paintings and Impressionist-style landscapes. In addition to the 5th Base gallery, art was also exhibited in the other venues and altogether, 20 artists, from 5 countries (Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus) were presented including : Gulnara Makhmudova, Gulzada Hamra, Yulia Krylova, Alesia Isa, Alexander Perlin, Maria Kosheleva, Anastasiya Shilyagina, Maria Larionova, Pavel Grebennikov, Roman Sakovich, Varvara Viborova, Olga Grouss, Alexander Yushkevich, Egor Batalyonok, Nicolay Buschik, Alexandra Demidova, Vasilij Kostuchenko, Ivan Semiletov, Anna Silivonchik, Alexandra Shibneva.

The 4th day of Literary Week began at the Celebrity Drop-in Centre at St. Peter’s Anglo-Catholic Church in Clapham, London, hosted by former Chair and long-time champion of ECG, Rev.David Parry. David was then joined by Danielle Irandoost at Yunus Emre, to conduct a discussion on the intriguing interplay between art, espionage and the occult sciences within a distinctively Central Asian context whilst referencing amongst others, writer, painter, theosophist, archaeologist and philosopher,Nicholas Roerich.

Talking about the Festival, Guest and participants said that the festival had made a mark on the cultural life here and stating that Eurasian Creative Guild has become “a prominent voice of Central Asian’s intellectual journey.”

Anna Komar (Belarus) closed the session with a selection of deeply moving poems from“Recycled”, inspired by a young woman’s harrowing experiences of love and abuse. She was joined by her editor John Farndon who warmly endorsed her poetic talent.Perhaps this was the most remarkable programme of the event.

Marat Akhmedjanov founder of Eurasian Creative Guild, thanked all the literary community for making the festival a grand success. He said that the platform is an institution with a huge vision and an ecosystem of multiple projects.

Talking about the Festival, Guest and participants said that the festival had made a mark on the cultural life here and stating that Eurasian Creative Guild has become “a prominent voice of Central Asian’s intellectual journey.”



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Премия для иллюстраторов: возможность выиграть поездку на фестиваль

Дорогие друзья!

Искусство – играет огромную роль в нашей жизни, оно заставляет нас задумываться над важными проблемами и вещами, происходящими вокруг нас, оно  способно воодушевить, заставить нас собраться с духом, а порой еще и дает возможность выиграть поездку на международный литературный фестиваль  «Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum — 2019» .

Британская некоммерческая организация «Евразийская Творческая Гильдия (Лондон) приглашает принять участие художников, иллюстраторов, дизайнеров в премии «Живая Линия».

Премия “Живая Линия” в размере $2.000 за первое место в категории “Иллюстрация” конкурса  Open Eurasia впервые учреждена в 2017 году казахстанским меценатом Адам Капановым для поддержки талантливых иллюстраторов.

Open Eurasia — это ежегодный международный открытый интерактивный конкурс, объединяющий творческих людей любых профессий из Евразии и всего мира. Конкурс «Открытая Евразия» проводится с 2012 года, за это время за счет премий конкурса было издано и презентовано в Лондоне 16 авторов*.

В этом году продолжив свой путь премия «Живая Линия», предоставляет возможность победителю посетить международный литературный фестиваль «Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum — 2019».

Прием заявок до 15 сентября 2018 года.

Подробнее об условиях участия по ссылке: http://условияучастия

Зарегистрироваться для участия в конкурсе по ссылке: регистрация

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“Open Eurasia” competition brings together creative people from all walks of life.

Art plays a huge role in our life, it makes us think about important problems and things happening around us, it can inspire us, make us gather our spirits, and sometimes even give us the opportunity to win a trip to the international literary festival “Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum – 2019 “.
The British non-profit organization “Eurasian Creative Guild (London) invites artists, illustrators and designers to participate in the” Live Line “award.

The Live Line award of $ 2,000 for the first place in the Illustration category of the Open Eurasia contest was first established in 2017 by Kazakhstan’s patron Adam Kapanov to support talented illustrators.

Open Eurasia is an annual international open interactive contest that brings together creative people from all walks of life from Eurasia and the world. The “Open Eurasia” competition has been held since 2012, during this time 16 authors were published and presented in London at the expense of the competition prizes *.

This year the “Live Line” award continued its way, giving the opportunity for the winner to attend the international literary festival “Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum – 2019”.

Acceptance of applications by September 15, 2018.

The British non-profit organization “Eurasian Creative Guild (London) invites you to take part in the” Open Eurasia “competition. Open Eurasia is an annual international open interactive contest that unites poets, writers, artists, directors, artists, creative people of all trades from Eurasia and the world. The contest “Open Eurasia” is held since 2012.

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