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8th Open Eurasian Literary Festival held in Brussels

BRUSSELS:Open Eurasian  Literary Festival and Book Forum (OEBF-2019) scene is seeing a spirited revival, with packed festivals attracting people from around the world in a rock concert-like atmosphere.

OBEF, The festivals — platforms for all forms of cultural expression, from architecture to film to food writing and feminism, as well as poetry and a recital by Central Asian musicians — are becoming a forum for exchange of liberal thought across the world.

The five-day Eighth annual open Eurasian Literary Festival and Book Forum (OELB) 2019 held on Wednesday in Brussels(Belgium).

The OEBF 2019 was organised by the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) and the British publishing house Hertfordshire Press London.

Open Eurasia is an international initiative that for the eighth year brings together creative people from all over the world – writers, poets, translators, artists and other talented people. This year, festival guests represented more than 25 countries. Over 25 delegates from around the world participated in 40 sessions over the five-day literary festival.

The first day of the Five-day event commenced with an opening ceremony of an exhibition of ECG London artists held at the Brussels Expo and the R. Hubbard Museum. The works of the following artists were successfully presented at the exhibition: Olesya Shibaeva (Moldova), Gulzada Hamra (Kyrgyzstan), Emil Guzairov (Russia), Ravil Abdulov(Kazakhstan) Akhmetzhan Akhatbakiev (Kazakhstan) and “Peaks of Asia” (Almagul Yesimova, AbayChunchalinov, Elena Fursa, Bakytnur Burdesbekov, Asia Bekisheva, Adilgali Bayandin, SmakovaBibigul from Kazakhstan and Laura Pak from Kyrgyzstan).


This year, the opening ceremony of the festival was dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay and was held on November 14th at the Brussels Expocenter, where the following speakers made a welcoming speech and shared their thoughts on the contribution of Abay Kunanbayev’s work to world literature: Johnathan Fryer (British historian, researcher), Marat Akhmedjanov (vice-president of ECG London) and Begizhan Akhmedov (writer from Kyrgyzstan), who solemnly presented Marat Akhmedjanov with the Order of Honor and Courage Fund (Russia) and presented his book “The Wanderer”. Honorary guests spoke at the opening ceremony.

Ambassador of Tajikistan Erkinkhon Rahmatullozoda, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Mukhtar Dzhumaliev and Counselor-Envoy of the Embassy of Kazakhstan – Erbolat Sembaev. On behalf of the organizer of the exhibition AIDEX, Peter Lindsay gave a speech and he also conducted a tour of AIDEX. On the same day, there was a panel discussion dedicated to the work of the great writer Chingiz Aitmatov and the influence of Abay’s heritage on world literature. The report “Oscar Wilde in Central Asia – drawing a parallel between the work of Wilde and Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov (1928-2008)” was made by the British researcher Jonathan Fryer.

The panel discussion participants included: a literary agent – Bakhtygul Makhanbetova, a scientist – Dandai Yskakuly, and a translator – Nurym Taibek from Kazakhstan. On November 15th, the presentation of the third “ECG-2019 Book Series” was held by Angelina Krasnogir, manager of the Hertfordshire Press publishing house. The following books published in London were presented at the presentation: Vladimir Tulinov, “Guardsmen of Hippocrates” (Belarus), Kanybek Imanaliev, “Kaganat” (Kyrgyzstan), Alfred Engalychev, “And God Give Me …” (Kyrgyzstan) and the collection “Thread” -3 ”, which was presented by one of the authors of the collection – Aya Maksutova (Kazakhstan). One of the most striking events of the festival was the presentation of books by the winners of the Open Eurasia 2018 competition published through grants awarded to the winners: 1. “Lost Paradise – Real Paradise”, Gulsifat Shahidi (Tajikistan) with Stephen Bland – Best Translation 2018 2. “Sofya’s heaven or the magic gift of the dwarves” Oksana Gordiyko (Poland-Ukraine) – 2018 Nemat Kelimbetov Prize 3. “Mouse Leia” Arina Chunaeva (Russia) with Stephen Bland and Mariola Fedarchuk (Great Britain) – Maria Shevel Prize 2018 4. “Poems about boys” .

Lyudmila Dubkovetskaya (Moldova) with John Farndon and Stephen Bland (Great Britain) – 2018 Marzia Zakiryanova Prize. Presentations of the following speakers took place on the same day: 1. Alan Flowers (Great Britain), who presented a book dedicated to Belarusian classics – “Celebration of Vera Rich’s life and work”. The presentation was attended by a representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus – Julia Lyashuk. 2. Poetess Josephine (Berkinaliev Sagynbubu) from Kyrgyzstan, presenting her book “Girl dancing in the sky” 3. Jonathan Farndon (UK) 4. Nurym Taybek (Great Britain) editor of “Russian Service”, “The Muslim community of Ahmadis around the world” with lectures on the topic: The Rational Religion Initiative to unite humanity into one family in order to save it from war and self-destruction On November 16th, the official part of the festival took place! A literary marathon “Voices of Eurasia” lasted more than 6 hours, during which 50 finalists of the competition and guests of “Open Eurasia-2019” presented their entries. On the same day, the annual meeting of the Council of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) took place. As a result of the vote, a new chairman of the Guild, John Farndon (Great Britain), was elected. The new composition of the Advisory Board and the composition of the new Council of the Guild Guardians were approved. (lists in the appendix) The literary part of the festival was completed by the following book presentations and workshops: 1. Keanu Reeves: unfinished portrait. Part 1″. Author: Evgenia Sihimbaeva (Kazakhstan) 2. Stephen M. Bland. Prize laureate, author and journalist Stephen M. Bland delivered a speech entitled “Dictators, Desolation and Dadaism: From the Uzbek Desert of Forbidden Art to the Forgotten Peoples of Armenia” 3. “The Silk Road Revisited”, a new photograph and history book was presented by Nick Rowan, editor-in-chief of OCA magazine (London). 4. Visual master class by Emil Guzairov – writer, architect, designer from Russia. The workshop “Unusual books, beech art and book architecture” taught attendees how to interest the public in an unusual presentation of the book. 5. Master class from Elena Bezrukova (Kazakhstan) on the topic: “Communication training for creative people.” The purpose of the workshop was to identify resources for the presentation of their creative abilities to the world. In the evening, the main event of the festival was a gala dinner and an award ceremony for the winners of the Open Eurasia 2019 contest. The ceremony began with the presentation of a painting by Kazakh artist Bibigul Smakova as a gift to the R. Hubbard Museum in Brussels. The total prize pool in 2019 was $ 31,000. The main prizes of the competition are grants that will be used to publish the book of winners in London or to pay for trips to the OEBF 2020 festival. In 2019, more than 1200 applications from over 30 countries of the world were submitted to the competition.

The Festival teamed up with AidEx – to create an exhibition on a mutual platform to bring attention to humanitarian issues currently affecting most post-soviet countries. The Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum (OEBF) is the only annual literary festival in the world to promote Eurasian literature internationally. As a cultural bridge between East and West, this unique event provides an opportunity for authors and artists to talk about their work, share experiences and find like-minded people from different countries with whom to implement joint projects. The program for the OEBF Festival 2019 in Brussels was intensive, and consisted of many different events, including book presentations, exhibitions and seminars for writers and artists by experts in the fields of literature, publishing and communication.


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ECG organises First Eurasian Film Festival in UK

A film festival is like a puzzle where every piece plays an essential role, it is a result of a collective commitment generated by the passion and hard work of everyone involved.With a mission to transform the way people see the world through films.

Laura Hamilton and  Chairman ECG(Eurasian Creative Guild)Marat Akhmedjanov played a major role to organise the  First Eurasian Film Festival in London.Both created a unique platform for communication between British filmmakers and their post-Soviet counterpart.

First Eurasian Film Festival held on 6 to 10 June,2019, in London,United Kingdom. Eurasian film Festival is the only festival in the UK dedicated to films around the world, aims to provide a platform for Central Asian,Asian,Russian and Europoen films in the UK. The Festival showcases films that consistently explore the culture and identity of different nations and countries.

This is first time that London became the centre attraction for directors, producers, actors and designers from Eurasian countries; where, for the first time, the ‘ECG Eurasian Film Festival’ (London) and the third ‘Romford Film Festival’ took place.

First Eurasian Film Festival held on 6 to 10 June,2019, in London,United Kingdom. Eurasian film Festival is the only festival in the UK dedicated to films around the world, aims to provide a platform for Central Asian, Asian, Russian and European films in the UK. The Festival showcases films that consistently explore the culture and identity of different nations and countries.

Despite its infancy, The ECG Eurasian Film Festival gathered over 60 films from 24 different countries. The film program of the festival kicked off with the British premiere of the film “My name is Kozha” by an outstanding classic of Kazakhstan cinema – Abdulla Karsakbayev. During the five days of the film festival more than 1,500 people visited and were shown films from diverse locations such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Italy, Finland, USA, Belarus,Sweden, Germany , Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Canada and the UK.

Guests of the festival also had a unique opportunity to learn about the Eurasian region, not only through cinema, but also through exhibitions of paintings, handicrafts and books created by members of the Eurasian Creative Guild. Two Silk Road Fashion shows, networking round table events and creative meetings were also held within the framework of the ECG Eurasian Film Festival.


On the final day of the festival, and on the largest cinema screen, the award ceremony was orchestrated to adorne the most talented filmmakers for their efforts. This was stylishly conducted in the presence of the Mayor of Havering, Cllr Michael Deon Burton, among representatives of embassies, a wide array of press and esteemed international guests.


Awards and diplomas were awarded for the following:

1.Grand Prix: film ”KADDISH’ Director, Konstantin Fam, (Russia-Belarus)

2.Best Screenplay: the film “MIDNIGHT OF THE SHAH” (Azerbaijan)

3.Best Director: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, the film “Susan” (United Kingdom)

4.Best Male Role: Wojtek Urbanski, the film “KHARMS” (Russia)

5.Best female role: Dinara Sharipova, “SEA AND THE GIRL” (Kazakhstan)

6.Best non-Eurasian director Hernan Findling, film “IMPOSSIBLE CRIMES”


7.Best trailer for the book Three Distichus – Elena Aslanyan (Armenia)

8.Best Documentary: “DONETSK” (UK)

9.Best director of documentary “ORGANIC SAGE OF INDIA” (India)

10.Best film based on real events “IT’S NOT FOREVER” (Russia)

11.Best Short Film “HEAVEN OF CHILDREN” (Iran)

12.Best script of the short film “MALIBU ALTERNATIVE” (Ukraine)

13.Best male role of a short film; Zura Pirveli, film “BEHIND THE DOORS”


14.Best female role of the short film: Irina Egorova, the film “BLOOD”    (Russia)

15.Best Short Film Director: Boris Hayrapetyan “YES! TODAY” (Armenia).

Additional diplomas were awarded to:

1.Best short film visualization, film “Larry’s tavern” PRODUCTION DESIGNER- Tomi Saarijärvi (Finland)

  1. Audience Choice Award: Best Cast, Film “Ludwig a The Hedgehog” Director: Mger Mkrtchyan (Armenia)
  2. Audience Choice Award: Best Debut Actress of the Short Film: Ilona Gavrilenkova, film “Malibu Alternative” Ukraine
  3. Audience Choice Award best director of non-Eurasian short film “This Island”, Dale Lessoway (Canada)
  4. Audience Choice Award: best film: “Financier” (Kazakhstan) – Producer Yerbolat Baiganin
  5. Audience Choice Award: Best performing Actor (violinist-actor) – Aleem Kandour , film ”KADDISH’, (Russia-Belarus).

Where you are living does not matter, if you are a film buff, come to Eurasian Film Festival, London every year. You can find and see wonderful films, world Cinema, Oscar nominee films, films in many regional languages of the World, debutant director’s films at one place. Meet here with talented people & film makers, writers, directors, producers, distributors, sales agents, find here new thoughts, ideas and business. WELCOME to New Emerging Film Capital of UK & the World.

ECG has provided a new platform to filmmakers from all over the world where they meet each other and try to find opportunities to jump their borders and get together to collaborate with one another for making films. The ‘Co-Production Meet’ during the festival has played a very significant role in establishing London as the capital of the world cinema.

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7 Day Literary and Art Week concluded amidst dreams and hopes

LONDON(Raza Syed/Sohail Loun):The second 7 Day Literary and Art Week 2018, which brought together writers, poets, intellectuals and experts from  all over the world and various walks of life, concluded on 7th Oct 2018(Sunday )with a musical night of dazzling performances in London.

The festival was launched a Fitzroy House where guests and participants from throughout the UK and abroad were warmly welcomed at a ceremony hosted by Sarah Eicker and Anna Lari.

The second Literary and Art Week organised by the Eurasian Creative Guild  was a celebration of new fiction, nonfiction and poetry as well as painting, drawing and sculpture by contemporary Eurasian writers and artists.

Comprising a dynamic and varied programme of 25 events, it showcased work by both established and emerging writers, poets and artists  many of whom were visiting or being represented in the UK for the first time, through readings, discussions and networking, as well as exhibitions interspersed with outstanding performances by renowned musicians.

Guests were then invited to the 5th Base Gallery in Whitechapel for the opening of ‘Living and Dreaming’; an exhibition of contemporary Belarusian art organised by Belarus’ Belbrand Association and the Art Haos Gallery in collaboration with Pro Art & Co.

This was the first time that selected artists had displayed their work outside Belarus and offered audiences a rare opportunity to witness how contemporary art is evolving in the post USSR era. Influences of the country’s grand-masters Mark Chagall and Leon Bakst could clearly be discerned, alongside subjects drawn from traditional folklore but there were also international references including Chinese scroll paintings and Impressionist-style landscapes. In addition to the 5th Base gallery, art was also exhibited in the other venues and altogether, 20 artists, from 5 countries (Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus) were presented including : Gulnara Makhmudova, Gulzada Hamra, Yulia Krylova, Alesia Isa, Alexander Perlin, Maria Kosheleva, Anastasiya Shilyagina, Maria Larionova, Pavel Grebennikov, Roman Sakovich, Varvara Viborova, Olga Grouss, Alexander Yushkevich, Egor Batalyonok, Nicolay Buschik, Alexandra Demidova, Vasilij Kostuchenko, Ivan Semiletov, Anna Silivonchik, Alexandra Shibneva.

The 4th day of Literary Week began at the Celebrity Drop-in Centre at St. Peter’s Anglo-Catholic Church in Clapham, London, hosted by former Chair and long-time champion of ECG, Rev.David Parry. David was then joined by Danielle Irandoost at Yunus Emre, to conduct a discussion on the intriguing interplay between art, espionage and the occult sciences within a distinctively Central Asian context whilst referencing amongst others, writer, painter, theosophist, archaeologist and philosopher,Nicholas Roerich.

Talking about the Festival, Guest and participants said that the festival had made a mark on the cultural life here and stating that Eurasian Creative Guild has become “a prominent voice of Central Asian’s intellectual journey.”

Anna Komar (Belarus) closed the session with a selection of deeply moving poems from“Recycled”, inspired by a young woman’s harrowing experiences of love and abuse. She was joined by her editor John Farndon who warmly endorsed her poetic talent.Perhaps this was the most remarkable programme of the event.

Marat Akhmedjanov founder of Eurasian Creative Guild, thanked all the literary community for making the festival a grand success. He said that the platform is an institution with a huge vision and an ecosystem of multiple projects.

Talking about the Festival, Guest and participants said that the festival had made a mark on the cultural life here and stating that Eurasian Creative Guild has become “a prominent voice of Central Asian’s intellectual journey.”



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Премия для иллюстраторов: возможность выиграть поездку на фестиваль

Дорогие друзья!

Искусство – играет огромную роль в нашей жизни, оно заставляет нас задумываться над важными проблемами и вещами, происходящими вокруг нас, оно  способно воодушевить, заставить нас собраться с духом, а порой еще и дает возможность выиграть поездку на международный литературный фестиваль  «Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum — 2019» .

Британская некоммерческая организация «Евразийская Творческая Гильдия (Лондон) приглашает принять участие художников, иллюстраторов, дизайнеров в премии «Живая Линия».

Премия “Живая Линия” в размере $2.000 за первое место в категории “Иллюстрация” конкурса  Open Eurasia впервые учреждена в 2017 году казахстанским меценатом Адам Капановым для поддержки талантливых иллюстраторов.

Open Eurasia — это ежегодный международный открытый интерактивный конкурс, объединяющий творческих людей любых профессий из Евразии и всего мира. Конкурс «Открытая Евразия» проводится с 2012 года, за это время за счет премий конкурса было издано и презентовано в Лондоне 16 авторов*.

В этом году продолжив свой путь премия «Живая Линия», предоставляет возможность победителю посетить международный литературный фестиваль «Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum — 2019».

Прием заявок до 15 сентября 2018 года.

Подробнее об условиях участия по ссылке: http://условияучастия

Зарегистрироваться для участия в конкурсе по ссылке: регистрация

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