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Number of divorces increased in Armenia

by Admin

YEREVAN:The number of divorces in Armenia has increased in recent years.Report informs citing the News.am, lawyer Aramazd Kiviryan said at a meeting with journalists on February 24.

So, according to him, on this issue many more people applied to lawyers than in previous years.

“It seems to me that this problem, to a great extent, has social causes, that is, social situation forces people to take such radical steps,” Kiviryan explained. Problems in the family, lack of funds and other social and domestic problems are often the main reasons that lead people to divorce. In addition, among the reasons provoking divorce, Kiviryan also called the intervention of parents of married couples in their personal lives, as well as other members of their families, which negatively affects relations, leading to internal intra-family conflicts.


In addition, as the lawyer noted, the divorce proceedings create rather painful consequences especially in families with children, and in such circumstances, issues related to the upbringing of children emerge. For children themselves, according to Kiviryan, it is extremely difficult to endure all these processes.

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