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Memorial event held to commemorate Ravil Bukharaev 60th anniversary

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LONDON(Liliya Ward):An evening, dedicated to a poet, writer, poetry translator and historiographer Ravil Bukharaev was held in the Rossotrudnichestvo – Russia in London on Tuesday. The event was organised by the widow of the poet Lydia Grigorieva, a well-known Russian poet.

People that had closely known Ravil Bukharaev shared their memories of the poet and his poems were recited in Russian, English and Hungarian. The old and new books by the poet were presented. In the second part of the event the audience were shown a film about the poet which had been made in Kazan, the home city of Ravil Bukharaev, three months before the poet’s untimely death on the day of celebrating his 60th anniversary.

Ravil Bukharaev recited his poems from the screen and well-known people of Kazan honoured him. The atmosphere of the event was very emotional, moving and warm.

(Lydia Grigorieva is a poetess, photo artist, author of literary research of Russian poetry. She has presented radio programmes about the contemporary Russian poetry and culture at the BBC Russian Service. She is a member of the World Academy of Art and Culture (1994), International Poetry Academy (1995), European Culture Society (1995) and PEN International (1999).

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