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Home Art & Culture A Tajik Composer at Cadogen Hall

A Tajik Composer at Cadogen Hall

by Admin

Saturday 17th February 2018, witnessed the premier performance at London’s Cadogen Hall of a Concerto forviola and Orchestra written by the Tajik composer Tolibknon Shakhidi. A work clearly employing inherited musical devices from ancient Takik intonational systems, at the same time as using Western melodic innovations to express the “philosophy and tragedy” existing between different civilisations. Overall, audiences swooned at the gentle harmonies on stage;each given life by the viola of the highly-accomplished musician Matthew Jones, along with the legendary sensitivities of renowned British conductor Philip Mackenzie. Indeed, both the publisher Marat Achmedjanov and Rev. Dr. David Parry were among the delighted guests of Shakhidi’s party for this debut, whilst those for whom Tajik tradition remains an unknown were seen to thrill at this minor masterpiece. All in all, any concert featuring Shakhidi’s stunning repertoire remains strongly recommended.

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