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Home Art & Culture Echoes of Love at the Yunus Emre Institute

Echoes of Love at the Yunus Emre Institute

by Admin

Thursday evening, February 15th – the night after St. Valentine’s Day, witnessed The YunusEmre Institute (London), successfully starting its Meet the Author talks with “echoes of Love” – an intercultural arts event moderated by Rev. Dr. David Parry.

Indeed, this initial seminar in a series of six sessions designed to examine the current trends of Global Text, gathered three prominent British poets: Nigel Humphreys, Jonathan Wood and Michael Dante, in order to explore the more sanguine aftertaste of lost romance.

Certainly, critics commentated that the slightly bittersweet flavour exuding from three masters of their craft simply proved too alluring a treat to miss.

Either way, a packed house witnessed each poet examine the tense delights of emotional commitment, accompanied by readings from their personal collections of verse. Further animated, possibly, by a thought-provoking Q&A exchange towards the end. All in all, a fascinatingly rich feast of reflections boding extremely well for future seminars.

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