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Open call Eurasian Creative Guild(ECG)Film Festival 2021

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LONDON:The Third International Eurasian film festival (Eurasian Creative Guild Film Festival), which is held annually in London as part of the British Romford film festival, is open for applications! 

ECG Film Festival is a platform for the development of cinema in the Eurasian region. The purpose of the festival is to promote Eurasian cinema in the English-speaking space and introduce Eurasian representatives of the film industry to professionals from all over the world. 

The Romford film festival is an annual British film festival attended by a large number of experts and residents of London. Thus, the Eurasian film Festival has ensured the attention of the press, viewers and experts to the Eurasian cinema. 

The ECG Eurasian Film Festival 2019 and 2020 gathered over 100 films from 24 different countries! Every year during the five days of the film festival, more than 1,500 people visit and were shown films from diverse locations such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Italy, Finland, USA, Belarus, Sweden, Germany, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Canada and the UK. 

You have a unique opportunity to introduce the world to the works that represent the connection between the Eurasian countries and peoples. Show opportunities for collaboration, joint development and growth. 

You can submit your work in the following categories: 

Grand Prix (Best feature film) 

Best documentary 

Best short feature film 

Best animated film 

Best mobile video 

Best music video 

Best book trailer 

Best screenplay on English 

Best screenplay on Russian 

For all questions, please contact the representative of the Eurasian Creative Guild Belova Elizaveta or write to the festival’s email address: info@eurasianfilmfestival.uk .

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