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Tatar artist Timur Akhmedzhanov published a comic book to help autism children

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LONDON:A young Tatar artist Timur Akhmedzhanov published a comic book in London to help children with autism. He painted it for 9 months. The comic book “Elish and the Wicker Stories” based on Kamran Salaev’s book was published in London in English by the British publishing house Hertfordshire Press. What unites all people in the world, regardless of nation, religion or language? The fact that we were all children and memories from childhood will forever remain in the heart of every adult. Perhaps that is why they often say “Children are the flowers of life”, because for each of us children have occupied and will continue to occupy a significant part of our life. Timur decided to create a comic strip, inspired by the book of the writer Kamran Salaev. The comic was created by Timur with ink in a special Japanese technique, which took him 9 months of painstaking work. Eilish and the Wicker Tales is a comic about a boy named Elish who has problems socializing, but as the story unfolds, Elish overcomes his problems. The comic, like the original book, is dedicated to children with autism. With the help of comics, the artist wants to draw public attention to the problems of children with similar disabilities. The publication of the comic was made possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo online platform. The project was supported by over 220 people from 25 countries, including such personalities as the English Earl of Portland, actor Tim Bentinck, talented musician Matt Savage, writers, public figures and diplomats from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan , Moldova, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and many other caring people from different parts of the world. Over the next few months, there will be tours and online presentations around the world. One of the presentations in Russian is scheduled for November 28, 2020, at Zoom. Both the comic and the original story will be presented in online modes.

Who is Timur Akhmedzhanov?

Timur Akhmedzhanov is a student of the London Film Academy, was born in Chirchik (Uzbekistan) into a Tatar family. Currently he lives with his family in Rugby, UK. Timur graduated from Rugby School Thailand as a Fellow in Fine Arts. The greatest influence on his creative life was exerted by his grandmother, who was a well-known urban planner in Uzbekistan. In addition to the book by Azerbaijani writer Kamran Salayev, Timur translated and illustrated several other books, including the children’s fairy tale “Menik” by the Yakut writer Ogdo, “The Tale of a Centennial Steppe” by the Kazakh writer Bayangali Alimzhanov, and “Mouse Leia” by the Russian writer Arina Chunaeva. Hertfordshire Press is working on translations of the book into Russian, Kyrgyz, Kazakh and is looking for partners for translation into Tatar. The comic is already available in English for pre-order in the online store. Part of the proceeds from the sale will go to support organizations around the world that help children with autism. In addition to the book “Elish and Wicker Stories”, Hertfordshire Press has already published several books by Tatar authors, including “One of You” by Lenar Shaehov, “The Book which has never been written before” by Marcel Salimov, “My Homeland, oh My Crimea” by Lenifer Mambetova, “The Land Drenched in Tears” by Soyungul Chanysheva and “And God Give Me …” by Alfred Engalychev.

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