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Home Editorial A Bridge Between Asia & Europe

A Bridge Between Asia & Europe

by Admin

This innovative, online, journal is for everyone who takes an interest in Central Asia and Europe. Therefore, we have no choice other than to be experimental, free-spirited, although responsible, in our work. Indeed, our position is always impartial, while we go out of our way never to endorse the views of either national governments, individual commentators, or vested interests. That clearly stated, we welcome features, interviews and investigations, seeking to give a platform for each position from across this historically significant region and, as such, public figures, creatives, diplomates, scientists, as well as entrepreneurs, will be frequent guests within these virtual pages. Alongside, it must be stressed, less established, but rising, critics. All in all, our intention is to make this an open, highly interactive, fashionable, not to mention collaborative experience, for every one of our readers.

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