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Kazakstan’s strategic partnership with US

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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev recently paid an official visit to the US and concluded a hectic schedule of his meetings there including political, economic and strategic. The Kazakh leader was accorded warm welcome by the US administration. The chief purpose and event of his state visit was meeting with the UN Security Council dedicated to non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in his capacity of Chairman of the UN Security Council. The President also had a meeting with US President Donald Trump to discuss numerous bilateral issues related to enhancement of trade and business between the two countries so as to enhance and give boost to the economy of Kazakhstan. The Kazakh President has concluded more than 20 contracts with representatives of large US business organizations for a total of more than 7 billion USD. Agreements and contracts deal with various industries ranging from aviation and railroad communications, to energy, agriculture and space. He has also exchanged his vision regarding dealing with state terrorism particularly with reference to North Korea and other nuclear and non nuclear states. His role was highly appreciated by US President Donald Trump in expanding relations with US as strategic partner in the region of Central Asia. Nazarbayev also signed the Agreement on Enhanced Strategic Partnership with US. Both the leaders expressed need to consult on sanctions in order to avoid any unintended consequences for the economy of Kazakhstan.

Although numerous political analysts reflected upon the visit of the Kazakh leader to the United States as a big success but decision of falling into the basket of US during these critical times when new alliances are generating in the region can be devastating with possible reducing influence of US in the Central Asia. The slogan of Kazakh leader ‘first the economy, and then – the policy’ steered the entire course of his discussions. In the matter of non proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction Nazarbayev emphasized on, ‘Non-proliferation of WMD through confidence-building measures’ and voluntary reduction. He warned that the growth of WMD production only increases the risk of nuclear, chemical, biological, radiological weapons falling into the hands of destructive forces. Abroad the President RK has performed brilliantly but its time to see if he can find similar appreciation at home.

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