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Syria crisis points to larger global problems

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By Neil Pitts

A chemical weapons attack in Salisbury in Britain, massive political crisis. Then a chemical weapons attack in Syria, Russia leaps in to cover Assad – the reaction? A U.S. fleet on its way to attack Syria backed, not surprisingly, by the people who were all against Russia to start with due to the previous unresolved crisis. Is this the result of frustration from the U.S. and its allies, or is it that western governments are now so weak that they are the mercy of populism?

For a long time, the so called ‘Cosy Club’ had it all. With huge privileges, mansions, estates, relatives controlling both politics, the media, the economy, industry, the banks, every aspect of society. With money that came from the Middle Ages and colonialism, victory in two world wars just seemed to give them more power. They promised long-term success, a good society, the architects of capitalism were the way forward. But, for their people, it was always ‘for a better tomorrow: we struggle today’. When revolution happened, they were forced into retreat by their own greed. Still, they continued to use the name of Jesus and Christianity to fuel the inequality they created.

Now they have carried this game on for too long. They have a new breed of politicians willing to give people whatever they want. ‘Populism’ basically now means that if they want their neighbour to starve, the government will implement this policy to win more votes. In exchange for keeping power, to keep the same old system running. Rather than institutionalise the fundamental reforms western society needs, they want to keep their cash and the ability to stand at the next election. Instead of housing the homeless, they want to keep ten houses for themselves; instead of helping the economy develop, they would rather take the money and invest it in their own future.

Maybe the reformists will win a few times, but they will be fought back.Now race has come into the equation. They do not want immigrants coming to live on their land and enjoying the benefits of the society they have created. They do not want the refugees from the wars they caused, in the name of Christianity and “progress”. But, now everyone is required to believe in doing things in a way which isnot part of democracy. It is old factions within society who feel threatened by change and have taken aim at manipulating the masses, turning their worldview inwards and creating a type of insanity we have not seen here since World World Two. They could easily survive in today’s financial climate, but they have somehow got it into their heads that this is the way things have to be.

The war in Syria has been a problem for years. When the War Against Terror raged in the Middle East, nobody really noticed when Syria became part of the multitude of countries suffering an Islamic fundamentalist uprising to depose governments. Western backed regime change: Libya, Afghanistan, earlier Iran, Iraq, Egypt, over time many more. The whole place seemed to be at war. Islamic State then came to represent the only form of unity which could emerge from the unrest inherent in the situation.

So, if that is representative of world affairs there will be an even greater upheaval, one that will eventually see the old powers fall. If what we are seeing now on a global scale is the reason why western powers are consolidating themselves around Christianity and Capitalism, using populist policies to appease members of their own ‘race’ and socialist ones to keep the reformists happy, it will become an expansive gaseous mixture of ideas. As the gas expands, it will become an easy target for the socialists who will fill the gaps with reasonable ideas concerning progress. This will only inflate the model even more. As the monarchy seems content with victory, they will be slowly pushed into antiquity by the huge machinery of the political parties. So, why not have those reforms now, before this all happens?

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