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Home Politics Nepotism Vs Country’s Interest

Nepotism Vs Country’s Interest

by Admin

A diplomat of any country is the face of that country. It is on their shoulders to uphold the interests of their state, as well as promote its image in the international arena.

The vigorous activity of the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry is not aimed at promoting the position of the state, but at discrediting the image of Kyrgyzstan. Sometimes it seems that the ambassadors of the country are purposefully appointed by people who, apart from disappointment, cannot cause diplomats of other countries.

Well, tell me how Washington can respect the country, the only virtue of which the ambassador is knowledge of English. What distinguished the former press secretary of the former president, Atambayev Kadyr Toktogulov, that he was appointed ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Washington and Ottawa? In 2015, the newspaper Vecherny Bishkek wrote that the Atambayev’s spokesman, Toktogulov, underwent emergency courses at the diplomatic academy and learned to become a diplomat in just one week But on the other hand, he had worked for many years for European and American media that view our country as a “banana republic”.

It is quite reasonable to think that the Foreign Ministry understood that such an ambassador would hardly be worthy of representing Kyrgyzstan. Or maybe they specifically appointed this youngster to disgrace the country? How else to explain that Foreign Minister ErlanAbdyldaev closed his eyes on the ambassador’s photo on social networks, where he appeared as a drunk gay man.

And the fact that over the years of the diplomatic career of the ex-spokesperson, the flow of investments into the economy of Kyrgyzstan from the USA and Canada has decreased significantly. In 2016, 118 million US dollars were transferred to the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic from Canada, in 2017 only 4.5 million. The United States has invested in our economy for more than two years only (!) 12 million US dollars! At the same time, foreign companies for the same period withdrew 183 million US dollars from our country!

And despite the fact that Kyrgyzstan is located at the point of contact of the geopolitical and economic interests of different countries. And this means that all interested countries must compete for the “attention” of Bishkek. And they just laugh at us.

As, for example, a foreign diplomatic corps accredited in Russia.

The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Federation is literally half-starving! Bishkek cannot provide representatives of his country in Moscow even with stationery. And representatives of the Embassy are forced to literally beg for money from the Honorary Consuls of Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Federation (and, as you know, they are foreign, that is, Russian citizens) money to buy pens and printer paper, and at the same time the printer itself.

But in another embassy – Kyrgyzstan in South Korea – the money is flowing like a river. But not at all on diplomatic work. The ambassador in Korea serves as a guide to numerous friends and relatives of the current head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, ErlanAbdyldaev.

According to sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all activities (like the budget) of the embassy in Korea are not aimed at lobbying the investment attractiveness of Kyrgyzstan in the business community of Seoul, but at ensuring the interests of guests arriving from their homeland.

What is worth only the scandal with the Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Development ZuurakanKadenova on board the Kazakh airline Air Astana. The crew of the Kyrgyz politician was forced to disembark from a plane flying Seoul-Almaty flight for a drunken brawl. It is good that the story of Kadenova’s arrival in Korea did not hit the press. As the witnesses said, the vice-minister was literally carried out of the plane in her hands in an indecent state: all her clothes were in the wake of a drunken party on board.

At the same time, ErlanAbdyldaev himself gave a clear indication to his subordinates to hush up the matter. And not even because a Kyrgyz official disgraced the country. Kadenova is the longtime mistress of ErlanBekeshovich himself, and he is ready to cover her with all the administrative resources he has.

By the way, in Korea, at times, a sober vice-minister was not at all involved in public affairs, but was hanging out in shops and clubs.And the diplomats of the embassy were to accompany the lady who had become impudent of permissiveness.

We can repeatedly shout from various high tribunes about how advantageous we have both economic and political positions, but the fact that foreign partners ignore our capabilities is obvious.

The reason for this is the extremely unprofessional activity of our foreign policy department, which is not only distinguished by complete passivity in terms of promoting the interests of Kyrgyzstan in the foreign arena, but is aimed at discrediting Kyrgyzstan in the world arena.

What is the reason for such a non-patriotic attitude of the Foreign Ministry towards its own state?

It’s simple. Mr. ErlanAbdyldaev “revenges” Kyrgyzstan for the policy of the new president. He, accustomed to rampant lawlessness and the revenues of numerous “businessmen” who wanted to enrich themselves on the riches of our country, categorically disagree with the new policy of bringing the country’s investment field to a legal direction.

This official, contrary to all diplomatic norms, following the example of his former chief AlmazbekAtambayev, was used to talking to other states in the language of rudeness.

During the leadership of Abdyldaev’s ministry, Bishkek fell out with a mass of countries that have historically been our good friends. For example, with Turkey, whom the head of the Foreign Ministry didn’t respond diplomatically in the case of the “Gulen gang”. As a result, the flow of direct Turkish investment in the Kyrgyz economy collapsed by 50 percent (from $ 33 million to $ 17 million).

China, which is ready to pour billions of dollars into the economy of neighboring countries to implement its One Belt, One Road policy, allocates Kyrgyzstan only 600 million yuan for the reconstruction of roads (for comparison, Beijing has allocated more than 8 billion yuan to some of our neighbors). That is, the ambassadors of these countries were able to negotiate with Beijing about the financing of their projects, and the Kyrgyz ambassador, friend of the minister and brother of the ex-mayor of Bishkek, just pants in the Middle Kingdom sitting out.

Until recently, the foreign policy vector in the country was determined not by the rational logic of the interests of the state, but by the personal interests of one person – Almazbek Atambayev. He and his retinue sat in people’s ambassadors on the principle of loyalty to the “first”, as well as the ability to pay for the appointment to this position. At the same time, the presence of diplomatic skills did not play a role. And now Minister Abdyldaev was always the right hand of Atambayev in this matter.

It was he who gave the installation to the newly appointed representatives of the diplomatic corps, what to do, what to whom and how to speak. And it is he who, in fact, is responsible for the failures of all work to promote the image and interests of Kyrgyzstan in the international arena.

However, he is just a performer of the will of his boss. Which, as it is not regrettable, for him everything still remains the ex-president.

Perhaps it is time for SooronbayJeenbekov to radically change the entire system of the Foreign Ministry?So that Kyrgyzstan is no longer called “toothless,” wiping its feet on it with the whole world.

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