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Philippines willing to accept Rohingya fleeing ‘genocide,President

by Admin

MANILA:Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he is willing to accept persecuted Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing the ongoing massacre in Myanmar. 

Duterte, in a wide-ranging speech to farmers and agriculture officials at the presidential palace in Manila, said on Thursday that “genocide” is taking place in Myanmar and he is willing to accept Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing from it.

“I really pity the people there,” Duterte said, adding, “I’m willing to accept refugees. Rohingyas, yes. I will help but we should split them with Europe.”

The president also criticized the inability of the international community to resolve problems in Myanmar.

“They can’t even solve the Rohingya. That’s what genocide is, if I may say so,” Duterte’s said in comments which were broadcast live on television.

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