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Lord Ahmad’s statement is an accusation,Russian Embassy

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LONDON:The statement of Foreign Office Minister Lord Tariq Ahmad regarding Russia’s alleged responsibility for the NotPetya cyber-attack is, like many other similar accusations,  not backed by any evidence. It is another example of irresponsible and hostile rhetoric of British officials towards Russia. The Embassy considers it as a part of the continuing campaign aimed at the stigmatisation of our country, that we have witnessed in the UK over the recent months.

If the British side had had concrete evidence backing its accusations, it would have reacted positively to Russia’s proposal of bilateral expert consultations on cybersecurity made by Foreign Minister Lavrov to Foreign Secretary Johnson on 22 December 2017 in Moscow. For the time being, no such reply has been received.

By the way, Russia at the UN has been promoting a number of specific constructive proposals helping the world address threats in the digital sphere. First, an initiative to develop global rules and principles governing responsible behaviour of states which was supposed to regulate what can and cannot be done in information space. Second, the idea of adopting a UN convention on combating information crime, designed to provide states with specific legal tools to fight this threat. Ironically, it is our Western partners including the UK who refuse to support this proposal.


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